Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Coming of Spring

There is nothing better than watching the weather begin to warm, and the grass turn green and lush. To some people this change means the start of summer, the beginning of gardening season or the time to start wearing shorts. For me personally it means only one thing.

The beginning of the baseball season.

When the weather begins to warm I start getting the itch to go grab my baseball glove and start fielding ground balls or working on my curveball. My parents begin to say that I gain the energy of a puppy and start bouncing off the walls of our house. I start trying to find every single baseball game that's on tv and switch back and forth between them. On friday I managed to watch about four games, all at once, yet I still felt completely at ease.

When spring comes around, many people take the time to admire the beauty of it all, yet for me that is all secondary. Give me a baseball any day of the week and I am content

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